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  • The HYVAN is ideal for anaesthetists who require a compact, portable and reliable anaesthetic machine. It is simple to use and can be easily serviced in a district hospital workshop.
  • The rugged design and quality build ensures years of trouble free service.
  • The HYVAN is a circle based anaesthesia machine. It has oxygen and air flowmeters and a selectatec back bar for plenum vapourisers.
  • The body is built from durable high impact plastic polymer.
  • The HYVAN is manufactured in an ISO certified factory in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is due to be CE marked in 2018.
  • The HYVAN is simple and safe to use.
  • The 'bag-in-bottle' bellows ventilator is driven by a high pressure gas source (eg pipeline,cylinder, compressor or oxygen concentrator).
  • In the absence of compressed gas, the ventilator can be manually operated for long periods. However a supply of oxygen (ie 1-2 litres/minute) is required.
  • A variety of plenum vapourisers and soda lime canisters can be used. The selectatec back bar is height adjustable to fit most plenum vapourisers. The soda lime canisters can be changed during an anaesthetic.
  • The HYVAN is suitable for adult and paediatric use. Air and oxygen flowmeters are fitted and gases can be supplied from piped medical gases, cylinders or an oxygen concentrator.
  • The HYVAN is suitable for spontaneousluy breathing or ventilated patients.
  • The HYVAN weighs 9 kg (16 kg with soda lime canister + vapouriser). It can be easily carried by one person and is designed to function in challenging environments.
  • Our goal is to build a top quality anaesthetic machine at an affordable price.
  • The HYVAN is currently undergoing CE mark certification (expected 2020).   The HYVAN is WAND registered in New Zealand (130910-WAND-6G5V6G). The HYVAN complies with ANZCA PS54 
  • HYVAN ANAESTHESIA LIMITED is ISO 13485 certified.

  • A HYVAN 9A monitor is also available with ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Temperature and gas bench (capnography and volatile agent measurement). The gas bench can be either sidestream or mainstream. BIS is available on the HYVAN 5A monitor.



World Federation of Anaesthiologists INNOVATION AWARD






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 Ivan Batistich  -  John Hyndman  -  Selwyn Cook  -  Richie McCaw  -  Di Celliers  -  John Russell








About Dr John Hyndman and Ivan Batistich

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Dr John Hyndman is a New Zealand Specialist anaesthetist. Whilst working as a volunteer anaesthetist in developing countries he recognized that the anaesthetic equipment was unsatisfactory. The high technology equipment used in the developed world was not appropriate for developing countries. What was needed was an affordable, high quality, reliable anaesthetic machine that could be serviced in hospital workshops. It had to be simple to use and robust. In 2003 John Hyndman and Ivan Batistich decided to design and build such a machine. Sixteen years and six prototypes later they are finally satisfied that they have achieved their objective (The HYVAN). In 2016 the HYVAN was awarded the WFSA inaugural innovation prize.


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Ivan Batistich is a New Zealand engineer. He has spent a life time developing and marketing anaesthetic products. In 1990 he designed and manufactured a ventilator (the IVENT). This ventilator is still in widespread use throughout the world and is renowned for its simplicity, reliability and longevity. Ivan and John decided to build an anaesthetic machine of a similar quality and reliability. The HYVAN is the result and it combines the proven (upgraded) Ivent ventilator with a soda lime absorber and selectatec mounted vaporizer.


 IventAV copy



THE IVENT VENTILATOR - Ivan designed and commenced manufacture of these ventilators in 1990.  They were used widely in Australasia, Asia and the Pacific.


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 The HYVAN is manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand by the HYVAN ANAESTHESIA COMPANY .
The company’s focus is on quality and reliability. The goal is for the HYVAN  to be recognized as an affordable, dependable, compact anaesthetic machine that gives years of trouble free service to satisfied customers.


 170711 Hyvan 042170711 Hyvan 052170711 Hyvan 055


 The HYVAN - ABS plastic body, Intersurgical 'Aisys" disposable canister.



170711 Hyvan 036
The Royal reusable soda lime canister


170711 Hyvan 033
The disposable Intersurgical IS Pac soda lime canister


170711 Hyvan 029
 The disposable Intersurgical "Aisys" soda lime canister


170711 Hyvan 227
Note the water trap.



170711 Hyvan 112
Oxygen and Air flowmeters



170711 Hyvan 099

The electronics box. The tidal volume knob controls flow to the bellows.
A fourth PEEP/CPAP knob is planned.


170711 Hyvan 040

 The adjustable selectatec fitting


 IMG 1441IMG 1447IMG 1450IMG 1449IMG 1444IMG 1440Screen Shot 2019 03 26 at 3.54.33 PM




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Hyvan in use - Cook Islands


Screen Shot 2019 03 26 at 3.53.49 PMMount Cook New Zealand