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170711 Hyvan 042
  • The HYVAN is a compact anaesthetic machine. It is simple to use, robust and reliable.
  • The HYVAN is a circle base anaesthesia machine with a'bag-in-bottle' bellows ventilator. The ventilator is driven by compressed gas. It has a plenum vaporiser on a selectatec fitting. The body is made from durable high impact plastic polymer.
  • The HYVAN is suitable for modern operating theatres and challenging environments.
  • The HYVAN is ideal for anaesthetists who require a compact,portable and reliable anaesthetic machine. It is simple to use and maintenance is easily done in a district hospital workshop.  The rugged design ensures years of trouble free service.
  • The HYVAN is designed for use in office surgery,natural disasters, ambulances, air ambulances, developing countries and remote locations.
  • The HYVAN is ideal for situations where mains electricity is unreliable and where portability is a requirement.
  • The HYVAN will have the CE mark in 2018.